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Technology Services
Backed By Artificial Intelligence
and Machine Learning

Transformative thinking. Proactive insights. Tangible results.

Idiom provides both strategic and technical consultation services that let your business tap into domain specific insights and knowledge gained from top institutions across academia and industry.

Whether it's developing a new deep learning pipeline that integrates into your existing product or imagining a new solution given a business insight particular to your users needs, our proven engineering talent connected to you by effective communication channels will give you confidence through production-ready software deliverables and useful insights throughout the entire design process.

Problem & Solution

Idiom exists to provide a middleground solution that bridges the gap between pre built enterprise tools that are too generic and in house machine learning teams that are too slow and costly -- empowering mid size businesses with resources to take advantage of the latest state of the art software tools like deep learning and artificial intelligence.

Pre Built Tools and APIs Don't Work

Stop wasting your money on one-size-fits-all enterprise services. Plug and Play APIs are often either too specific or too generic to make a real impact towards your product's key performance indicators.

Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers are Expensive

Hiring and vetting a team of in house engineers sometimes isn't the right move. Feasability scoping, prototyping, and market validation are costly endeavors that could be a risky investment if you're looking to develop a new solution under a deadline without an experienced management team that knows the industry and capabilities of existing technologies.

The Solution

Supercharge Your Innovation Capacity With Software Development That Scales

With years of experience in developing quality software, Idiom lets you tap in to leading technology tools and helps you develop end to end solutions that scale with your business as it grows.

Deliverables That Deliver

Our 5-D Design process consists of leading design thinking methodologies applied to solve your unique business need.

Meet The Founder

Founder & Technology Lead

Jessie Salas

Founder & Technology Lead

Jessie Salas is an industry proven machine learning software engineer and startup founder in Silicon Valley California. He studied at The University of California, Berkeley, where he also went on to teach Data Science & The Mind (CogSci 88), and has amassed research experience with publications at the Berkeley Institute For Data Science, Berkeley Language and Cognition Lab, and the Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS).

After Berkeley, he worked at Apple as a data scientist in the Applied Machine Learning department, where he worked on natural language processing projects. As a consultant he helps international companies scale by applying the latest machine learning from industry and academia.

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